Chiaogoo Stainless steel DPN set

Chiaogoo Stainless DPN Set £59.00

Chiaogoo Stainless Steel Double Pointed Needle Set

The Chiaogoo Stainless Steel DPN Sets are a collection of the premium stainless steel DPNs, available in a zipped case. So You’ll always have the right size DPN to hand.

Each of the precision engineered needles has it's size laser etched on the side so it won't rub off during usage and not only do these beautiful needles come in their own zipped case, but they also contain a needle gauge and 12 Stitch markers.

Be prepared to fall in love!

Each Case Contains:

Number of Needles 6 Sets of 5 Needles Tip Sizes 2mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm and 3.25mm Tip Length 6 Inches Accessories Zipped Case 12 Stitch Markers Needle Gauge Case Size 180mm x 90mm
Brand Grundl